ERP System


We offer a range of advanced system solutions covering warehouse management, drop-shipping, logistics tracking, integration with standalone platforms, e-commerce platform interfacing, customs clearance and overseas warehousing, after-sales and customer tracking, and restaurant reservation systems. Each system is designed to enhance operational efficiency, reduce human errors, support multi-platform and multi-channel management, automate processes, provide detailed data analysis, and help businesses achieve rapid growth and market expansion.

Warehouse System

1. Inventory Management: Our system offers precise inventory management capabilities, enabling real-time tracking and management of stock levels to ensure businesses are always updated with the latest inventory information, avoiding shortages or excess inventory issues.

2. Automatic Replenishment: The system monitors stock levels and automatically generates restocking orders when inventory falls below preset levels, timely alerting personnel to replenish, ensuring sufficient stock at all times.

3. Batch Management: With batch management features, businesses can effectively manage products from different batches, ensuring traceability of each batch and enhancing management efficiency.

4. Multi-Warehouse Support: Our system supports management of multiple warehouses, allowing businesses to manage several storage facilities simultaneously, centralizing control and coordination of inventory and logistics operations across all locations.

5. Supply Chain Optimization: The system provides supply chain management features that improve the efficiency of supply chain operations, reducing redundancies and waste within the supply chain.

6. Inventory Transparency: The system offers a clear view of inventory statuses, allowing businesses to monitor stock levels of each product at any time, achieving transparent inventory management.

7. Inventory Reports: The system automatically generates inventory analysis reports, helping businesses understand inventory usage, identify issues, and make adjustments to improve the scientific management of inventory.

8. Inventory Optimization: Through intelligent analysis and forecasting, the system helps businesses optimize inventory levels, reduce overstocking and waste, and improve inventory turnover rates.

9. Real-Time Inventory Updates: The system updates inventory information in real-time, ensuring all inventory actions are promptly reflected in the system, avoiding management issues due to outdated information.

10. Inventory Alerts: The system sends alerts when inventory is insufficient or exceeds expected levels, prompting relevant personnel to address the issue, preventing inventory problems from affecting business operations.

Drop-Shipping System

1. Order Automation: The system can automatically generate and process orders, reducing manual operations, enhancing the efficiency of order processing, and ensuring every order is handled timely and accurately.

2. Seamless Integration: Our system seamlessly integrates with major e-commerce platforms, ensuring real-time synchronization of orders, inventory, and logistics information, reducing the delay and errors in information transmission.

3. Real-Time Inventory Updates: The system synchronizes inventory information in real-time, ensuring that stock information on each platform is up-to-date, avoiding stockout or overselling issues due to inaccurate inventory data.

4. Shipping Notifications: When an order is placed, the system automatically notifies suppliers to ship, ensuring that every order is shipped promptly, improving customer satisfaction.

5. Error Reduction: The automated processing significantly reduces errors associated with manual operations, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of order handling.

6. Efficient Shipping: The system optimizes the shipping process, improving the speed of order processing and shipping, reducing the waiting time for customers.

7. Cost Savings: Through automation and process optimization, the system helps reduce operational costs, improving overall efficiency and profit margins.

8. Quick Response: The system can quickly handle order demands, responding promptly to market changes and customer needs, enhancing the competitive edge of the business.

9. Multi-Platform Support: Our system supports multiple e-commerce platforms, allowing businesses to manage orders and inventory across various channels, achieving integrated multi-channel sales.

10. Business Growth: By enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, the system aids businesses in achieving rapid growth and expanding market share.

Logistics Tracking System

1. Real-Time Tracking: Our logistics tracking system allows for real-time tracking of parcels, offering customers up-to-date information on their shipments, enhancing transparency.

2. Support for Multiple Logistic Providers: The system supports various logistics providers like DHL, DPD, Hermes, etc., offering businesses the flexibility to choose logistic services that meet diverse customer needs.

3. Detailed Logistics Information: The system provides detailed logistics information, including the transport route and estimated arrival times, helping customers fully understand the shipping details of their packages.

4. Estimated Arrival Times: The system provides accurate estimated arrival times for packages, helping customers plan their schedule accordingly and reducing waiting inconvenience.

5. Domestic and International Transportation: The system supports both domestic and international transportation, enabling businesses to manage global logistics operations, improving the efficiency of cross-border e-commerce operations.

6. Increased Customer Satisfaction: By providing transparent, detailed logistics information, the system increases customer satisfaction and trust, reducing complaints due to logistics issues.

7. Optimized Logistics Management: The system helps businesses optimize their logistics management processes, improving logistics efficiency and reducing costs.

8. Automatic Notifications: When the status of a package changes, the system automatically notifies the customer, ensuring that they are promptly informed about their shipment.

9. Reduced Return Rates: By enhancing the transparency and accuracy of logistics, the system helps businesses reduce return rates caused by logistics issues.

10. Data Analysis: The system provides logistics data analysis, helping businesses understand their logistics performance, identify issues, and optimize operations to improve overall service quality.

Standalone Platform Integration

1. Seamless Integration: Our system integrates seamlessly with platforms like Wordpress, Shopware, Shopify, etc., ensuring real-time data synchronization and unified management.

2. Content Management: The system supports various content management features, helping businesses easily manage website content and keep information accurate and up-to-date.

3. Order Processing: The system provides efficient order processing capabilities, automatically syncing order information, enhancing the speed and accuracy of order handling, and reducing human errors.

4. Multi-Channel Sales: Through integration with multiple standalone platforms, the system helps businesses achieve integrated multi-channel sales, expanding sales channels and increasing revenue.

5. Multi-Language Support: The system supports multi-language functionality, enabling businesses to easily manage multilingual websites and meet the demands of the global market.

6. Multi-Currency Support: The system supports multiple currencies, allowing businesses to set different currencies based on market demands, enhancing the shopping experience for customers.

7. Technical Support: We provide professional technical support and services to ensure the system runs stably, helping businesses address technical issues.

8. Customized Services: The system supports customizations, allowing businesses to tailor system features according to their specific needs, achieving personalized operations.

9. Enhanced Brand Image: Through our system, businesses can create efficient, attractive, and powerful standalone platforms, enhancing their brand image.

10. Improved Market Competitiveness: By enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, the system helps businesses enhance their market competitiveness, achieving rapid business growth.

E-Commerce Platform Interfacing

1. Order Synchronization: Our system automatically syncs order information from platforms like Ebay, Kaufland, Otto, etc., ensuring timely and accurate order handling.

2. Product Information Synchronization: The system automatically syncs product information to ensure consistency across all platforms, avoiding issues caused by inconsistent information.

3. Inventory Synchronization: The system updates inventory information in real-time, preventing stockout or overselling issues and improving customer satisfaction.

4. Multi-Platform Management: Through our system, businesses can manage multiple e-commerce platforms simultaneously, achieving one-stop management and enhancing operational efficiency.

5. Data Consistency: The system ensures consistency of order, product, and inventory data, reducing manual operations and improving data accuracy.

6. Efficient Operations: The system optimizes operational processes, enhancing the efficiency of order handling and inventory management, reducing operational costs.

7. Quick Market Response: Through real-time data synchronization, the system helps businesses quickly respond to market changes, seizing market opportunities.

8. Increased Customer Satisfaction: The system enhances the accuracy of order processing and product information, improving customer satisfaction and trust.

9. Reduced Manual Operations: The system automates processing, reducing manual operations, enhancing work efficiency, and reducing human errors.

10. Market Expansion: Through our system, businesses can easily expand across multiple e-commerce platforms, increasing market coverage and achieving business growth.

Customs Clearance and Overseas Warehousing Integrated System

1. Comprehensive Logistics Solutions: Our system provides integrated services for customs clearance, delivery, and overseas warehousing management, simplifying the cross-border logistics process and enhancing logistics efficiency.

2. Customs Management: The system integrates customs management features, helping businesses efficiently handle customs procedures, reducing customs clearance time and costs.

3. Delivery Optimization: The system optimizes the delivery process, enhancing delivery efficiency, ensuring that goods arrive on time and safely at their destination.

4. Overseas Warehousing Management: The system provides overseas warehousing management capabilities, allowing businesses to manage overseas inventory in real-time, optimizing inventory allocation.

5. Real-Time Tracking: The system supports real-time tracking of goods, enabling businesses to keep track of their status, enhancing logistics transparency.

6. Cost Control: By optimizing logistics processes, the system helps businesses reduce logistics costs, enhancing profit margins.

7. Collaboration with Multiple Logistic Service Providers: We collaborate with multiple global logistics service providers, ensuring diversity and flexibility in logistics services.

8. Data Analysis: The system offers logistics data analysis features, helping businesses understand their logistics performance, identify issues, and optimize operations.

9. Increased Customer Satisfaction: By providing transparent and efficient logistics services, the system increases customer satisfaction and trust.

10. Global Market Expansion: The system helps businesses manage cross-border logistics effortlessly, expanding into the global market, enhancing international competitiveness.

After-Sales and Customer Tracking System

1. Multi-Channel Customer Service: Our system supports multiple channels for customer service, including phone, email, and online chat, helping businesses efficiently manage customer inquiries and after-sales service requests.

2. Ticket Management: The system provides automated ticket management features, helping businesses quickly address customer issues, enhancing customer satisfaction.

3. Customer Feedback Analysis: The system supports analysis of customer feedback, helping businesses understand customer needs, optimize service processes, and enhance service quality.

4. Customer Information Management: The system offers comprehensive customer information management capabilities, allowing businesses to record and track detailed customer information, enhancing customer management levels.

5. Service Record Tracking: The system supports tracking of service records, helping businesses fully understand customer service history, enhancing service continuity.

6. Quick Response: The system helps businesses quickly respond to customer needs, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

7. Increased Customer Satisfaction: By optimizing service processes and enhancing response speed, the system helps businesses increase customer satisfaction and reduce customer churn.

8. Customer Relationship Management: The system supports customer relationship management features, helping businesses build and maintain good customer relationships, enhancing customer loyalty.

9. Service Data Analysis: The system provides service data analysis features, helping businesses understand service performance, identify issues, and optimize operations.

10. Enhanced Corporate Image: By providing high-quality customer service, the system helps businesses enhance their brand image and market competitiveness.

Restaurant Reservation and Ordering System

1. Online Reservation: Our system supports online reservation capabilities, allowing customers to conveniently book tables via websites or apps, enhancing the dining experience.

2. Telephone Reservation: The system also supports telephone reservation capabilities, enabling businesses to easily manage phone bookings and avoid missing reservation information.

3. On-site Reservation: The system supports on-site reservations, updating table status in real-time, ensuring accurate reservation information.

4. Menu Display: The system provides menu display features, allowing customers to view and select dishes online, enhancing the ordering experience.

5. Order Management: The system provides efficient order management capabilities, allowing businesses to track and manage orders in real-time, enhancing service efficiency.

6. Table Management: The system supports table management features, updating table status in real-time, preventing overbooking and missed orders.

7. Customer Data Analysis: The system offers customer data analysis features, helping businesses understand customer preferences, optimize menus and services, and enhance customer satisfaction.

8. Reservation Reminder: The system automatically reminds customers before the reservation time, reducing instances where customers forget their bookings, improving attendance rates.

9. Service Optimization: Through data analysis and customer feedback, the system helps businesses optimize service processes, enhancing service quality.

10. Enhanced Operational Efficiency: The system improves the efficiency of reservations and ordering in restaurants, reducing manual operations, and enhancing overall business efficiency.


Through our system solutions, you can easily tackle various business challenges, enhance operational efficiency, optimize supply chain management, increase customer satisfaction, and boost brand image. We are committed to providing comprehensive and professional technical support to help businesses stand out in a competitive market. Choosing our systems takes your business to a new level, ensuring long-term success and growth.

Our ERP system

We provide a range of advanced system solutions, covering warehouse management, drop shipping, logistics tracking, independent station platform integration, online shopping platform docking, customs clearance and overseas warehouse delivery, after-sales and customer tracking, and restaurant reservation and ordering system. Each system is designed to improve operational efficiency and reduce human errors. Our system supports multi-platform and multi-channel management, automates processing processes, and provides detailed data analysis to help companies achieve rapid business growth and market expansion.

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