Welcome to our fully independently developed standalone site, a scalable and customizable platform that provides you with efficient and personalized online business solutions. Whether it's fast performance, highly secure servers, comprehensive payment systems, or integrated AI intelligent assistants, our standalone site is dedicated to providing you with the best user experience and business management tools.

Site Features

100% independently developed, with high scalability and customization capabilities, which can be adjusted and optimized according to your specific needs. We create a unique, fully personalized website experience for you that ensures you stand out in the market and win more customers' favor.
Our independent sites operated: Alles Personalisiert

Speed and Performance

The standalone site is deeply optimized and has scored very high in Google performance evaluations. We understand the importance of website speed and performance for user experience, so we continuously optimize to ensure your website always operates at the fastest speed, offering an unmatched smooth experience. Whether it's access speed or page loading time, we strive to be industry-leading.


We have high-performance servers in Germany to ensure the fastest access speed for potential customers in Germany. Initially, you can use our server cluster, and as your business grows, we can also provide customized server services to meet higher demands. No matter the scale of your business's development, we can provide the most suitable server solution to ensure your website operates stably.

Payment Systems

Supports all mainstream online payment methods in Germany, such as PayPal, Stripe, Klarna, and credit card payments. It is also compatible with domestic payment methods like Alipay and WeChat Pay, meeting the payment needs of global users. No matter where your customers are from, we ensure they enjoy a convenient and secure payment experience on your site.

Legal Terms

We collaborate with German law firms to provide customized legal pages for the standalone site, including:

  • AGB - General Terms and Conditions
  • Impressum - Publishing Information / Copyright Statement
  • GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation
  • Datenschutz - Data Protection
  • Widerrufsbelehrung - Cancellation Policy / Return Instructions
All legal pages are drafted by professional lawyers to ensure your standalone site is legal and compliant. We understand the importance of legal compliance for your business, thus we provide comprehensive legal protection, allowing you to focus on business development without concerns.

Social Media

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The standalone site's backend supports connecting to multiple social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and X. Manage multi-platform social media marketing efficiently through direct content posting from the backend, saving time and effort. Whether for daily updates or large-scale campaigns, we help you manage social media effectively, enhancing your brand's influence.

Content Marketing (Blog)

Function Description: An independent blog system, one-click addition and modification, a variety of structural presentations, convenient keyword publishing, collection, and analysis.

Advantages: Showcase corporate professionalism, increase website traffic, and improve potential customer trust and conversion rates.

AI System

Integrated with advanced ChatGPT chat assistant feature, automatically recommending suitable products based on site product information, supporting multiple languages. The AI system can also interpret policy terms, answer common questions such as return and shipping policies, and automatically generate social media content with related keywords and product information. Our AI system not only improves customer service efficiency but also saves a significant amount of money on hiring German-speaking customer service staff.

Customer Login System

Supports various third-party account logins, including Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Facebook accounts, simplifying the user registration process and improving user experience. No matter which accounts your customers use, we provide them with a convenient login experience, reducing registration barriers and enhancing user retention.

Back Office Email Management

Unified email management, with manual or automatic review and classification. After classification, emails can be directly viewed on related pages (such as order pages), send emails and invoices, etc. Our system aims to improve management efficiency and simplify email management processes, allowing you to focus more on core business activities and improve overall work efficiency.

Order Management

The order page displays complete order information, customer information, product information, and messages, and can send emails and invoices, with all emails related to this order integrated into this page, as well as return information. Handling order-related affairs is very convenient and fast. We provide comprehensive order management features to help you efficiently track and handle every order, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Customizable Dashboard

A fully customizable dashboard that displays order reminders, order information, messages, emails, and various data charts (such as new product listings, order sales, turnover, profits and costs, conversion rates, new customer numbers, etc.), and can also customize exclusive charts to meet your specific needs. Our dashboard design is clean and intuitive, helping you easily grasp business dynamics and make wise decisions.

Back Office Management Page

Our back office management system covers all functional modules including employee information, customer information, product management, blog management, front-end design, promotion management, email management, and order management, helping you efficiently manage the standalone site. We are committed to providing you with a comprehensive and efficient back office management system, allowing you to easily handle daily management tasks and improve overall operational efficiency. We can also customize pages that fit your workflow and specific features, making your work more efficient and convenient!

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