About Us

  • At ITinDE, we are a Germany-based IT team dedicated to making software development simple enough that even those without any IT background can easily build websites and operate their businesses more efficiently. Our goal is to make technology easy to use and provide support for businesses across all industries.
  • We offer website troubleshooting and guidance services. You can contact us anytime your website encounters any issues. We promise to resolve your problems as quickly as possible to ensure your website always runs smoothly. Moreover, our websites come with no time restrictions on use, and subsequent domain space renewals are optional, with fixed pricing and no hidden fees, allowing you to use them with confidence.
  • We possess comprehensive company management systems based on web technology, including complete sets of product, order, billing, logistics, Newsletter, and data analysis systems. These systems are designed to simplify your workflow and increase efficiency. We also customize systems to perfectly fit your business model and operational needs based on your specific requirements.
  • Our services span across various industries, including trade, restaurants, and online sales. Whether you need a simple and efficient e-commerce platform or a complex enterprise management system, we can provide the best solutions. We believe that with our technical support and system optimization, you can significantly enhance your business operations and achieve sustained growth and success.
  • Choosing ITinDE means selecting a technology provider and a partner committed to your success. Our professional team will always be by your side, providing timely and effective technical support to ensure your business thrives. Let us join forces and embark on a new chapter of efficient operation.


The IT Team at ITinDE in Germany

  •  Independently developed standalone sites
  •  Enterprise ERP systems
  •  B2B websites and systems
  •  Static website development
  •  Server maintenance and hosting
  •  Office network setup

Independently Developed Standalone Site

  • High scalability and customization
  • Deep optimization and extremely fast operation speed
  • Supports mainstream online payment methods in Germany
  • Supports multiple languages and currencies
  • Deep integration with social media
  • AI-powered chat assistant

Enterprise ERP System

  • Multifunctional warehouse system
  • Drop shipping system
  • Customs clearance, delivery, and overseas warehouse integration system
  • After-sales and customer tracking system
  • Restaurant reservation and ordering system

B2B Website and System

  • Bulk product updates and management
  • SEO and social media promotion
  • Powerful product search and filtering features
  • Inventory management system
  • Supplier login and management system
  • Real-time logistics tracking system
  • Data analysis and report generation

Static Website Development

  • Rich template selection
  • Comprehensive technical support
  • One-stop service
  • Social media marketing
  • Precise advertising placement

Our Static Websites

Our static websites offer a rich selection of templates and quick delivery capabilities, usually completing projects within three to five days. We provide comprehensive technical support and additional services, such as German servers and .de domain leasing, and as an IT team in Germany, we offer localized support to ensure clients get the best experience and seamless integration into the German market.

Our ERP system

We provide a range of advanced system solutions, covering warehouse management, drop shipping, logistics tracking, independent station platform integration, online shopping platform docking, customs clearance and overseas warehouse delivery, after-sales and customer tracking, and restaurant reservation and ordering system. Each system is designed to improve operational efficiency and reduce human errors. Our system supports multi-platform and multi-channel management, automates processing processes, and provides detailed data analysis to help companies achieve rapid business growth and market expansion.


We are committed to providing you with transparent and reasonable pricing, ensuring you know where every penny is going. We promise no hidden fees, all charges are clear at a glance, and you don't have to worry about extra costs. Moreover, our services are not limited in duration; once your website or system is built, you can use it indefinitely without the need for additional renewals or usage fees. This not only saves you long-term costs but also allows you to use our products with confidence and focus on growing your business. Choosing us means choosing transparency, integrity, and sustained value protection.

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Annastraße 97, D-63225 Langen(Hessen)

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+49 (0) 176 - 56851888

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